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Waste Water Treatment System


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CAG Engineering provides a complete range of solutions and

services for treating industrial wastewater to meet process

needs as well as environmental regulations.

 Our products include filtration, clarifying systems, biological

treatment, dewatering, disinfection, ion exchange, carbon

filtration, reverse osmosis, Ozonation and other technologies

for removing impurities from water.

 We also provide customers with the engineering and

knowhow that helps them choose the right approach, and

support our solutions through Myanmar’s Environment

Service Network.

Pretreatment Program Implementation

Types of pretreatment include:

• pH neutralization

• Temp regulations

• Solids separation

• Toxic metal removal

• Reducing of BOD/ COD

• Oil and grease

• Reducing of Colour

• Removing Odor

Industries We Serve

 Chemical Processing

 Food & Beverage Processing

 Hydrocarbon Processing

 Textile Industry

 Metal & Mining

 Battery manufacturing

 Leather tanning finishing

 Pulp/paper mills

 Microelectronics

 Health Care /Hospital

 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

 Power Plant

 Oil refinerie

CAG’s best strategies in managing Industrial Waste Waters?

Physico-chemical treatments

A coagulation-flocculation process was generally found to be

unable to remove personal care products

Adsorption by activated carbons has great potential for the

removal of trace emerging contaminants

Biological treatments

Activated sludge processes

Membrane biological reactors (MBR)

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Nano filtration (NF)

Ozone and advanced oxidation processes (AOPs)