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Portable Gasoline Generators

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Newly designed Multi-pole Alternator and high speed engine dramatically reduced the size and weight.Honda multi purpose engine has been industry standard for reliability and durability in the world. Also guaranteed with just a light pull on the recoil starter.Large fuel tank allows efficient work without refueling.These models are especially easy to carry.Its unique designed for SHX1000 silent mode provides extremely lower sound level with 3/4 load. Just in case to take full load, only to change to Power mode.The SHX1000 weight only 13.6kg, The SHX2000 weighs only 21kg, less than half of the weight of similar capacity conventional generator.

Frequency (Hz)
: 50
Engine Speed (rpm)
: 5800/4100(Power Mode/Silent Mode)
: Square-Wave
: Air Cooled OHV 4-stroke Gasoline
L x W x H (mm)
: 465 x 265 x 380
Pilot Lamp
Oil Alert System
Engine Stop
: Interlocking with Fuel Cock
: Plug Socket x 1
Protective Device
: Control Circuit

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