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Plastering pump

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Assurance of perfect processing of dry plaster mixers, with a reliable sysem consisting of feed wheel, continual precise water dosing, screw pump and compressor that guarantee stable quality of plaster mix application. Perfect processing of dry plaster mixes with a gypsum, lime and cement base is assured by the plastering machine SMZ 120/G. A reliable system of mix delivery by means of a feed wheel, continual precise water dosing, a proven screwpump and an adequately rated compressor all guarantee stable quality of a plaster mix applied to a certain spot. In addition to the standard use of pre-packed mix bags, the machine can be also fitted with an automatic feeder for the continuous supply of mixture from the machine’s material bin to the hopper. The variability of pumps usable with the SMZ 120/G provides for optimum processing of any type of plaster pre-mixes with this machine.

Hopper capacity
: 100 l
: 4 mm
: continual
: 20 l/min
: 1540 mm
: 731 mm
: 965 mm
: 268 kg

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