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Oceanic Procurement

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Oceanic Communications Limited packaage
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Oceanic maintain direct, healthy relationships with a large number of major manufacturers of both mobile handsets and other technology hardware. Our suppliers are some of the biggest companies and most recognisable brands in the world, including Apple, Samsung, Alcatel and Nokia. These relationships are cultivated and managed by Oceanic’s experienced accounts team, allowing us influence in trading arrangement negotiations that goes well beyond our company size. Oceanic have established a chain of warehouses across the South Pacific allowing us to store and process stock with a high degree of security and efficiency. We employ an experienced and well-managed warehouse team, adept at managing large volumes of electronic hardware. Stock is stored securely and ready for prompt dispatch to you or directly to your customers. Oceanic is able to manage the relationship with these recipients including payment collection. Oceanic can also provide high quality collateral or promotional stock and incorporate this into the processed end product. Our specialised procurement tools allow us to accurately forecast product sell through and greatly enhance the effectiveness of procurement decisions. Analysis of historical sales data further complements the strong advice we can offer while evaluating potential product purchases.

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Oceanic Service
: Procurement, Fulfilment, Logistics, Channel Management, Distribution
Oceanic product
: Electronic Distribution, Mobile CPE, Consumer Electronics, Quick Sell, B2B Sales Portal
Oceanic's Suppliers
: Apple, Samsung, Alcatel And Nokia

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