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MCB Box / Consumer Box


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Close connection-Neutral wice line bank and earthing wire line bank both adopt close type with a steady overall structure, which makes inside wiring more esthetical and safer,Ultra-large space-Wider space to house wires allows wiring inside case body and electrical safety distance between each wire and makes operation safer and more comfortable.Clear identification-The independent and legible circuit break control circuit chart makes circuit framework clear and definite and facilitates the connection,seeking and maintenance of all circuits.Easy adjustment-With innovative adjusting function , the Distribution box can be self adjusted in installation depth direction within a certain distance apart from external wall,and the maximum depth adjusting range is 20mm, The newly added guide track balance bar can keep guide track support plate vertical all the time and make installation more steady. High impact resistance material-Transparent covering,Surface and flush mountings available,Plenty of space for smooth and easy wiring,Single or double row of copper. MCB Box မ်ားကို plain door ,Transparent Door,MCB Box17+1 Way ,14+1 Way အစရွိသည့္ MCB Box အမ်ိဳးအစားစံုလင္စြာ ရရွိႏိုင္မွာျဖစ္ျပီး Meter Board မ်ားကိုလည္း Sizes စံုအမ်ိဳးအစားစံု ရႏုိင္ပါသည္။Electronic Switch, megahock spring bender,Universal dimmer,megahock socket မ်ားစသည့္ ေဆာက္လုပ္ေရးသံုး၊အိမ္သံုး၊ရံဳးသံုး Electronic Products မ်ားကိုလည္းရရွိႏိုင္မွ ျဖစ္ျပီး ဝယ္ယူလိုေသာလူျကီးမင္းမ်ားအေနျဖင့္ က်ြန္ေတာ္မ်ား MMB Electric တြင္တုိက္ရိုက္ေမးျမနး္ဝယ္ယူရရွိႏုိင္ပါသည္ ခင္ဗ်ာ။