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EVPAD 5S IPTV Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan Korea Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Vietnam Unblock


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Evpad 5S / is one-of-kind TV box for Asians to enjoy TV channels all over the world. More than 1000 most popular live Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Cantonese, Malay, Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, Arabic and English Channels. Support Dolby AC3 and DTS surround sound and easy start for your personal home theater setup. ,No Monthly Fee !!

EVPAD 5S / TVBOX 2020の新モデル、12か国リアルタイムTVチャンネル、Android中国語、韓国語、日本語、台湾、香港、シンガポール、マレーシア、ベトナム、インドネシアなど!5K 6K IPTV Evpad 5SリアルタイムTVチャンネル,No Monthly Fee !!

EVPAD 5S / TVBOX 2020 Brand New Model, 12 개국 실시간 TV 채널, Android 중국어, 한국어, 일본어, 대만, 홍콩, 싱가포르, 말레이시아, 베트남, 인도네시아 등! 5K 6K IPTV Evpad 5S 실시간 TV 채널,No Monthly Fee !!

全新EVPAD 5S / 5P 2021 升级版本, 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM / (双频WIFI)提供包括中国/香港/台湾/马来西亚/新加坡/日本/韩国/印度/泰国/欧美/体育/18+等地区的高清直播电视节目! 支持多国语言, 英文 / 中文 / 韩文 / 日文 / 马来文等PlayStore / YouTube / Browser / Email / 卡拉OK / Application Store等等 拥有专用高性能服务器传输, 带给您应有的稳定性. 让您享尽各个国家地区的直播、点播、回看的同时,也满足家庭K歌和玩游戏的需求。提供365天在线客服, 协助您解决在盒子使用上的问题.一次购买即可永久使用, 无需月费 / 年费, 永久自助更新, 免费升级, 以获得最新的内容和功能, 及时体验 EVPAD 5S / 2021不断进步与完善的服务.BRAND NEW EVPAD 5S / UPGRADE VERSION , 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM / (DUAL BAND WIFI)EVPAD 5S can provide HD live TV programs covering China / Hong Kong / Taiwan / Malaysia / Singapore / Japan / Korea / USA/ Canada/ Arabia / India / Thailand / Europe / Sports / 18+, etc.Support multi-language, English / Chinese / Korean / Japanese / MalayPlayStore / YouTube / Browser / Email / Karaoke / Applications Store, etc.EVPAD 5S / 5P has own applications for lifetime use, there is no need to jailbreak, no risk of not able to use it!1.易播 5代S升级版本震撼上市采用64位四核A53超強CPU+Mali-T720GPU,性能強勁媲美八核處理器,超強解碼,支持硬解6k視頻NEW PRODUCTS RELEASE BEST PICTURE QUALITY 6K EVPAD 5S SMART TV BOX64-bit Quad core Cortex A53 CPU High-performance multi-core Mali-T720 GPU2. 讓愛與陪伴更簡單,5S 新品上市,性能體驗全面提升,給您不一樣的全新陪伴! Sometimes love is just a little more company,your EVPAD will company with you and your families have lots of happy times!3.最強畫質 巔峰登場NEW PRODUCTS RELEASEBEST PICTURE QUALITY 6K SMART TV BOX 8核CPU+GPU ·2+16G旗艦配置 ·支持6k 畫質 支持杜比和DTS環繞音效8core cpu+GPU·2G DDR3 ram+16g emmc rom6k defination & DOLBY and DTS surround sound5. 超強處理器專為電視盒打造采用64位四核A53強勁CPU+Mali-T720GPU,性能強勁媲美八核處理器,超強解碼,支持硬解6k視頻64-bit Quad core ARM Cortex A53 CPUHigh-performance multi-core Mali-T720 GPU 6. 杜比音效和DTS環繞,打造您的私人豪華影院The products of EVPAD 3PLUS series supports Dolby and DTS surround sound that can bring you film-like home theater experience. 7. 6K畫質,單反級拍攝畫面分辨率高達5760×3240(與佳能 5D Mark III拍攝的分辨率一致),顯示精度為1080p的9倍!EVPAD 5S Series supports 6k picture quality which mean the picture is as clear as the picture taken by CANNON 5D Mark III ,6K’s Image Size is up to 5760×3240,it is 9 times the HD’s image size8. 帶數碼燈設計可顯示時間、播放狀態、USB是否插入、網線或WiFi是否連接等狀態,使用更貼心!EVPAD 5S series is with a digital screen which can display TIME/USB/WIFI/BRODCAST and so on.火星直播最新功能:時移火爆上線!70+时移,90+回看更多频道持续增加中,极速更新!New features added in Mars Live70+ Times Shift , 90+ Playback ,Keep Moving.GLOBAL CDN UNLIMITED ACCELERATION.

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