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Corn Harvester (ေၿပာင္းဖူးေျခြရိတ္စက္)

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● Super performance, high efficiency. ● Full-featured, effort-saving. ● High performance ratio, good fuel economy. ● Easy operation, comfortable driving and ride. ● Using a rubber roller + cast-iron roller for the slot array corn husk remover provides a good corn husk removing effect and high efficiency. ● Equipped with a roller for aligning the 4-blade cutter and a combined-plate type stripper with high efficiency and reliability, resulting in less damage to corn stem. ● Exclusive grass discharge port with and discharging effect and high efficiency; Brand new grain recovery unit, providing a convenient unloading and improving the operating speed.

: Self-propelled
Harvesting rows
: 3
Row space (mm)
: 600
Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)
: 8400×2580×3550
Weight(including header) (kg)
: 6050
Engine power (kW)
: 103
Min.ground clearance (mm)
: 345
Min.slewing radius (mm)
: Left 4400~5500 Right 4200~5400
Front/rear wheel track (mm)
: 1590/1640
Smashing width (mm)
: 1920/1800

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