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Cooling Water Chemical Treatment


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Our chemical programs are effectively used for the reduction and prevention of the three major issues that your industrial cooling water system may encounter, corrosion, deposition and microbial growth. Corrosion leads to metal loss that can result in critical system failures in heat exchangers, recirculating water piping and process cooling equipment. Corrosion also results in a loss of efficiency as corrosion products precipitate on heat transfer devices, insulating the metals. Cooling towers are vulnerable to a variety of contaminants that cause deposit formation, such as mineral scales and sludge. Deposition interferes with heat transfer, increases corrosion rates, restricts water flow and causes loss of process efficiency and production. CAG’s tailor design service program for Cooling Water Chemical treatment are designed and program for each customer requirement as follow.  SCALE AND CORROSION FOR COOLING WATER  EVAPORATIVE CONDENSER TREATMENT  BIOCIDE FOR COOLING SYSTEM Products are produced and distributed under the brand ‘WACHEM’ with ISO9001:2008 certification and called ZERGUARD and PHAMINOX series