SRP95M Multi-Functional Spreader
SRP95M Multi-Functional Spreader
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SRP95M Multi-Functional Spreader

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Model : SRP95M
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လုပ်ငန်းအမည် : Grand Power Machinery Co.,Ltd Unverified Member
ဖုန်းနံပါတ် : 09-73188101, 09-73113100, 09-73230109
နေရာဒေသ : ရန်ကုန်တိုင်းဒေသကြီး
Overall dimensions(mm)+I2:U3 : 7300×9500×3800
Basic spreading width/maximum spreading width (m) : 2.5/9.5
Hopper capacity (t) : 14
Engine : Deutz BF6M1013EC/Shangchai SC8D190G2B1
Heating method : Air heated
Auxiliary vibration travel (mm) : 0、3、6、9、12
Gross weight/maximum operating weight (t) : 22/32
Transport dimensions L×B×H(mm) : 7300×3000×3360
Maximum spreading thickness (mm) : 350
Gradeability (%) : 20
Power (kW)/speed (rpm) : 148/2300 140/2200
Main vibration travel (mm) : 3、5、7、9
Vibration frequency (Hz) : 0~50

SRP95 series paver is a multi-functional asphalt paver. It is the ideal compaction equipment for various materials paving in groundwork and surfacing of highway constructions. It adopts microcomputer control,ultrasonic material controller,electronic auto leveling device and malfunction self-diagnosis system.With the most advanced dual vibration and eccentric vibration technologies in the world,the paver possesses advantages as good stability in paving,even material distribution and feeding, high compactness in pre-compection,high smoothness in paving and easy operation. All key components are imported, enabling this paver to reach the level of similar imported product in its production quality and reliability.It is the ideal equipment for paving base material and road surface asphalt concrete material.

Business Description(လုပ်ငန်းအကြောင်း)

• Grand Power Machinery is establishment at 2012 with local private company and investment 5,000 millions kyats.
• In 2020,we are going to try public company and manufacture some heavy machinery with abroad country.
• We prepare the best services and fair prices in higher quality at coming big concrete market to develop for our country in fracture structure.
• In our country, we open branches are immediately support to our customers needs & want.
• We are looking to customer benefit and sustain with our quality services.
• Our company foundation is looking to young people opportunities and to get profit of technology.

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