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Light Double Beam Trolley Type Electronic Hoist

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Light double beam trolley type electric hoist has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, small volume, convenient operation, easy maintenance etc. It can be installed in the overhead I-shaped beam, also can with installed in electric or manual single beam, dual beam, cantilever crane, Longmen etc. Factories, mines, ports, ware-houses and freight yard and other lifting equipment commonly used one, is to improve labor efficiency, better working conditions.

: Electronic Hoist
Place Of Origin
: China
Common Usage
: Construction Hoist
Power Source
: Electric
Sling Type
: Wire Rope
Maximum Lifting Weight
: 2t-32t
Maximum Lifting Height
: 12m
Power Supply
: 380v
Ambient Temperature:
: -25~+40℃
Lifting capacity(t)
: 2
Lifting height(m)
: 6
Lifting speed(m/min)
: 4
Traversing speed(m/min)
: 15
Main hoisting(Kw)
: 1.5
: 0.4
: 730
Power supply(V:Hz)
: 380;50
Number of switching(n/hr)
: 120
Working duty
: M3
Mechanism grade
: 25%
: 330
: 800
: 700
: New

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