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Heat Pumps ေရအပူေပးစက္

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Heat pump is not heating the water with direct electricity, but using the electricity under more efficiency way.Heat pump’s efficiency is evaluated by COP value, it is the ratio of heating power output and heating power input, the COP value is changing and depended on the heat pump type, operating condition and etc. i.e. COP=3, it indicate 1kwh power can generate 3kwh power to heat the water. And the extra 2kwh is for free.

: Bathroom
Brand Name
: Rheem
Power supply
: 380V/3PH/50HZ
Heating capacity
: 10.8kw
Rated power input
: 2.7kw
: 4.0
: R410A
Heat exchanger
: Tube Heat Exchanger
Expansion Valve
: Emerson Thermal Expansion Valve
Products type
: Air Source Heat Pump Systems
: House Heating Cooling Hot Water
Housing Material
: Powder coated case

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