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Concrete Mixer

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High mixing performance, excellent homogeneity of mixture and high productivity are the primary features of the MN 350 forced-agitation mixer. A large-capacity mixing drum has a wear-resistant lining and agitation blades which can easily prepare fresh mortar, fine concrete mixes, fire-proofing spray mixes, high-temperature concretes, glues, or dry powder materials, while they can also easily agitate, even over a long time, hard-to-agitate mixtures applied in the metallurgy and highly abrasive mixtures.

Pan capacity
: 400 l
Usable capacity
: 350 l
: 5, 6 m3/h
: 32 mm
: 11 kW
Operating voltage
: 400 V, 50 Hz
Input power
: 22 A
Mixing time
: 60 sec
Time of emptying
: 60 sec
Speed of spindle
: 31 ot/min +/- 7%
: 1550 mm
: 1310 mm
: 1600 mm
: 924 kg

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