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CNC Plasma/Flame Cutting Machine

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This series plasma cutting machine is developed based on the plasma cutting technology home and abroad. It can equip Chengdu Huayuan, the American Hyperthermia, American Thermadyne, Germany Kemper and domestic plasma sources. There are many different types, such as dry type, dry & underwater type and fine plasma, etc. The performance indexes conform to or better than field standards.

Drive way
: double drive, 24KG/M rail or 38KG/M rail
Rail span(mm)
: 3000-8000
Valid cutting width(mm)
: 2200-7200
Torch lift stroke(mm)
: 180
Rail length
: according to the requirement of customer
Flame cutting speed(mm/min)
: 50-1000 (setting as per cutting technology)
Plasma cutting speed(mm/min)
: 350-8000
Fast return speed(mm/min)
: 10000
Flame cutting thickness(mm)
: 6-100(dingle torch), piercing thickness≤80
Plasma cutting thickness
: recommend suitable plasma source according to the requirement of customer
Flame cutting material
: MS
Plasma cutting material
: MS, Aluminum, SS
Input power
: single phase AC220V, 50HZ, 2KVA
Intersection point deviation (mm)
: ≤0.5(800×800 industry standard prescribed figure lineation)
Diagonal error(mm)
: ≤0.5(300×300 square lineation)
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