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CNC Cutting Machine

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Advantages of our gantry cutting machine • Dual drive, stable performance. • Cross beam adopts optical axis linear guide to assure cutting precision. • Provided with steel plate correction function. • Fool style operation

Cutting Material
: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Nonferrous plate,
: About 1ton
Place of Origin
: Wuhan, China (Mainland)
Power Source
: 380V/ 220V/ 110V
Cutting Mode
: Flame and Plasma, Flame only, Plasma only
Drive Mode
: Bilateral-side
Cross Beam Width(X Axis)
: 4000mm(can be lengthened)
Effective Cutting Width(X axis)
: 3200mm
Longitudinal Rail Length(Y axis)
: 6000mm(can be lengthened)
Effective Cutting Length(Y axis)
: 4500mm
Drive Method
: Rack and pinion drive for X and Y axes
Flame Cutting Thickness
: 5-200mm
Cutting Speed
: 5-6000mm/m
Cutting Gas
: Acetylene/propane with Oxygen
Nesting Software
Moving Precision
: 0.5mm per step
: Gantry cutting machine
: New

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