BEILITE Side Type
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Brand : BLTB
Model : BLTB-125
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Cylinder Weight : 562kg
Total Weight : 1245kg
Overall length : 1543mm
Required Oil Flow : 90-120L/min
Working Pressure : 150-170 kg/cm2
Impact Rate : 350-650 b.p.m
Chisel Diameter : Ø125 mm
Applicable Excavator : 15-18Ton

It applies the best design scheme and is formed by using the fewest parts; it is less in fault and easy to maintain, and famous for light and powerful operation and wide use; it is mainly used for quarrying, mine, asphalt pavement removal, greening construction, and breaking of general concrete or rock. BEILITE triangular type hydraulic breaking hammer is more capable of meeting the demand of the vast user. Powerful attacking force, ultra-strong breaking performance, and excellent operation performance are perfectly combined into one. The breaking hammer has small working flow, low working pressure, high-performance energy accumulator, and outstanding durability, so it is the first-choice brand of primary breaking.

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Since 2014, Silver Lining Machinery has been distributing many kind of spare parts for Heavy machinery (Excavator, Bulldozer and other machine). We have authorized dealer of world-class brand, BEILITE hydraulic breaker, SKS hydraulic pump and inner parts, DT ground engaging tools, BERCH undercarriage parts and Kyotechs machinery brand, engine spare parts, hydraulic cylinder seal kits, swing and travel reduction gear parts.As a reliable business partner to our customers. We are able to provide our after sales support. We are highly-skilled service for our distributed machinery. Our spare parts sales service is backed by high level stock with well over 10,000 items.

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