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Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

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Specifications • tube cutting machine • Easy to use, efficient, smooth, • Stable running, pricise, • Approved CE and ISO9001 • USB port We have two solutions to meet the demand of pipe cutting: First is to install the pipe tooling parts on ZLQ cutter to fulfill small quantity pipe cutting; second is special intersection pipe line cutter to meet the needs of large quantity cutting. All automatic programming and technology guidance.

: 6m (can be lengthened according to user’s demand)
Longitudinal Rail Length (Y axis)
: 6m (Rail can be lengthened according to user’s demand)
: 6m
Cutting Mode
: Flame only, Plasma only, Flame and Plasma
Intersection Line Device
: Pipe D:50-1000mm
: Servo or stepper motor
Flame Cutting Thickness
: 5-200mm
Plasma Cutting Thickness
: 1-60mm (according to the specification of plasma power source)
Cutting Speed
: 0-3500mm per minute
Moving Precision
: 0.01mm per step
Power Source (Option)
: 220V 50Hz 500-1000W
Nesting Software (Option)
Cutting Gas
: Acetylene, Propane
Plasma Gas
: Pressed air, Oxygen, N2
Torch Height Controller (AUTO)
: Capacitive height control for flame cutting
Cutting pipe D
: 50-1000mm or customize.
Cutting way
: Flame/plasma
Spindle under control
: three-spindle and three-interlocking
: Tube Cutting Machine
: New

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