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Automatic AC/DC Submerged Arc Welding Machine

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Main Features • Power source can be used for AC single wire, DC single wire, DC single wire, strip cladding as well as Tandem SAW or multi-wire welding • Welding Current DECP/DCEN ratio adjustable, deposition efficiency is 1.5 times higher than DC SAW • High duty cycle design suitable for heavy industry • Remote control/Local control selection • Welding Current/ welding voltage digital display Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel and its alloy

Input Power
: 3~ 380V± 10% 50/60 Hz
Rated Input Capacity
: 125KVA
Rated Input Current
: 190A
Rated Output Current
: 1250 A
Rated Output Voltage
: 44V
Rated Open Circuit Voltage
: AC/80, DC/85 V
Rated Duty Cycle (AC)
: 100% (40 º C)
Rated Duty Cycle (DC)
: 60% (40 º C)
Output Current Adjust Range
: 250~1250A
AC Frequency
: 10Hz
DCEP/DCEN Ratio Adjust Range
: 36%, 50%, 64%
Cooling Mode
: Air Cooling
Insulation Grade
: F
Ingress Protection
: IP21S
Dimension- Power Source (L*W*H)
: 780 x 665 x 1370 mm
Net Weight
: 606Kg
Suited Wire Diameter
: Φ3, Φ4, Φ5, Φ6 mm
Wire Feed Speed Adjust
: 15~117 cm/min
Welding Speed Adjust Range
: 0~170 cm/min
Welding Head Vertical Adjust
: 93mm
Welding Head Horizontal Adjust
: ± 30mm
Crutch Vertical Adjust Range
: 140mm
Wheel Tread
: 300mm
Wheel Base
: 350mm
Flux Capacity
: 10L
Dimension (L*W*H) Tractor
: 1010 x 580 x 930 mm
Net Weight
: 52kg
: Welding Machine
: New

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