Gold Member

Gold members are verified premium member companies in

What is Gold Members?

Gold members are verified premium member companies in BaganTrade verified their company documents which are given by government authorities and done onsite checks. The buyers can trust those gold member companies are legally registered in Gov authorities and running in verified location. We did not verify their quality of products but you still can outsource for quality check to 3rd parties like SGS Myanmar.

What are benefit of gold members?

Most buyers prefer to buy products from gold members due to trusts, visibilities and transparency. Gold members products ranked higher than free members and got more visibilities.

How to become gold members?

Only legally registered companies are allowed to become gold members. All gold members in Myanmar must pass onsite check.


Verification Info DOC Check Onsite Check
Business License Y Y
Contact Information Y Y
Company Location Y
Onsite Photo Taking Y
Verified Videos Y
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